MyEzPay Online
MyEzPay Online bridges the gap between your QuickBooks™ company file and the Authorize.Net™ Payment Gateway. MyEzPay Online works with all versions of QuickBooks™ Essentials and Plus.

MyEzPay Online offers many powerful tools to support multiple payment needs associated with various business types. This powerful business software was built around the most popular online Accounting Software on the market, QuickBooks. MyEzPay makes it simple to process payments directly into QuickBooks eliminating double entry and guaranteeing your payments are entered correctly. MyEzPay offers a broad range of functionality by adding more features and benefits than other product in the market. MyEzPay has worked with Business Owners, Accountants, and Merchant Industry Leaders to get a better idea of what Merchants needed to complement their current accounting environment when working with QuickBooks.

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Electronic Billing

This feature allows you to email your Customer a secure link for them to pay their invoices online.  

MyEzPay can track the activity of the Invoice once it’s been sent, send a receipt for the approved transaction, and match the payment back to your open invoices in QuickBooks once complete. This is a test.

Quick Bill

The Quick Bill feature allows you to select a range of Customer Invoices, and charge multiple credit cards all at one time.

This feature uses the default payment methods on file and automatically records the payments in QuickBooks.

This is a great option for billing flexibility!

Batch Importing and Reconciliation